Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Petunia Merryweather!

La Madre, Mama Mia, Mammacita, or Petunia Merryweather. Regardless of the random names I've given her, she's my mama and it's her birthday. She's a fabulous lady, a fabulous mom and I hope she's had a fabulous birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

Not a total fanatic...

I thought it might be good to note that Jeff helps mellow me out and keeps me from becoming a total green fanatic, in his own little way. Perfect example: Jeff is planning that one day he will drive up in front of the main doors of my office in the biggest hummer he can find. He will then proceed to honk the horn, then rev the engine and allow it to just idle in front of the building... this is Jeff's idea of humor...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Green is the new black

All of you raise your hands that planted a tree yesterday for Earth Day? No one? Me neither. Green is the new trendy thing. NBC Green, Jon & Kate Plus 8 go Green, there’s a green channel on cable, the works. And hopefully you all saw the green episode of Scrubs a year or two ago- hilarious! But this is one area where hopefully trendy will do some good- big 80’s claw bangs didn’t do anyone any good. Unfortunately too many people see being more aware of the environment only as a trendy fad, as a hoax for tree huggers that it is selling you expensive propaganda with no results. I would disagree. Most sustainable ideas do go beyond the warm fuzzy feeling to be intrinsically worthwhile; improving health, reducing waste and saving energy and money. Who can say no to better healthy and money?

Yes, I know green is my career so I tend to get a bit over-passionate, but there's some good to it. I think we have a responsibility to stewards of the earth, not just users. Call me crazy but I don’t remember God telling Adam and Eve to go forth, pillage, plunder and rape the earth. But now I’ll get off my soapbox because heaven knows that I have areas to improve. So if you want to green-up your act, here are a handful of easy green to look into:

  • Use things you have for cleaners: water, vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and salt- you’d be amazed at how well they can attack water spots, grimy drains and pipes, etc.

  • Avoid one-time-use cleaning products, i.e. wipes, swiffers, etc. I’m the first to say that I love swiffers, so try to opt for bio-degradable products. Or did you know that you can wash & reuse swiffer dusters? They work even better the second time. I’m also trying out micro-fiber clothes and they seem to work just as well be can be reused. Now I just need to fit one on my swiffer sweeper.

  • Try greener cleaning products, I like Method brand. They aren’t horribly expensive, usually just $1 more, and Costco even carries their hand soap for cheap. I LOVE their window cleaner. It works just better than Windex, smells minty fresh and is great for cleaning showers.

  • Avoid vampire loads. Household electronics and appliances continue to pull a small amount of electricity, even when they aren’t in use. It’s estimated that 75% of the electricity phone chargers us is wasted from the charger being left plugged in. Unplug rarely used appliances between uses, i.e. blenders, mixers etc.

  • Clean out dryer lint- otherwise moist air cannot be vented from the dryer as easily and your dryer will work less efficiently—you will have to run your dryer longer to dry a load of clothes & have higher electricity and gas charges and shorter lifespan for your dryer

  • Use cold water with your garbage disposal, it saves energy and solidifies grease, which is ground up and flushed away

  • Drive the speed limit, in a typical car, every 10 miles per hour you drive over 60 is like the price of gasoline going up about 54 cents a gallon- that figure will be even higher for less fuel-efficient vehicles. Hmmmm.... this one will take some work.

  • Use those reusable grocery bags. I have some big red bags from IKEA that hold a ton and were only $0.79- love them!

  • Buy local. Look into Community Supported Agriculture for a great way to get lots of fresh produce locally for a good price. I'm checking out this one:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new motto

p.s. no coincidence at all that i needed a new motto starting on tax day

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peeps in Places- because they should be everywhere

National Geographic, the world travel magazine of up most refinement, is hosting the most fabulous challenge! The Peeps in Places Photo Challenge. Check it out! The deadline has been extended until April 13th. So where will your peep be? The only way to have made it better would be the stale-peeps challenge; they're tastier anyhow.