Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rach-ivus: like Festivus but better

After a long week in the office and on the road for work I declaired Friday to be Rach-ivus. My own person holiday off of work. I've decided that Rach-ivus will be a reoccuring holiday happening every month in an attempt to keep a bit of my sanity intact.
For this Rach-ivus:

I slept in- mmmmm...
Blog surfed- catching up on all the blogs stalk
Shopped at Home Depot- buying recessed cans and browsing lighting
Bought 3 pairs of shoes- this could only be done in the name of a holiday
Ordered a webcam- yes mom, I'll be comming to a Skype call near you
Planned a girls weekend for my sisters
and watched Pure Country.

A good holiday all in all. Here's to next month.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let’s just get this over with and shoot me now!

Hi. This is me crying “Uncle!” I’m done. The last week has been out of con-trol and I’m ready for it to settle some. And how do I deal with this? Blogging out my frustrations. Yes, it is very passive aggressive. And yes, there are starving children in Ethiopia that wouldn’t appreciate my pathetic whining, so it’s good that they don’t have a computer to read it. The following has all happened in the last 7 or so days:

  • Jeff got bit by a dog while showing a house to clients.
  • A roof leak, discovered by water filled bubbles in the bathroom ceiling dropping water. Call the roofer.
  • Working late nights. Remind me that I love my job. Usually I do, just not particularly at the moment.
  • 6 Days with NO HEAT in our house. Thankfully friends and family took pity on us to house us and our cat. Our cat repaid the kindness, by trying to run away and scratching my sister’s face. Sweet little thing.
  • My body doesn’t seem to know what time of the month it is. It’s confused. Someone please send it a memo. Or rather a calendar.
  • My office moved. Oh the joy of moving! I now have lost a bookcase. But don’t worry; the movers brought the shelves that go it in.
  • I forgot to call my sister to wish her Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Deb! I'm a bad sister.
  • Now we’re home, but with no heat in the kitchen or Jeff’s office. Temperatures above freezing are over-rated anyhow.
  • Jeff has a knee brace and sore back. Ice and Heat, ice and heat. I suppose the freezing temperatures in his office will cover the “Ice” part. Bonus there.

I thought I was dealing rather well with everything until today. TOTAL clog in the toilet and tub. Note: when we flushed the toilet, it came up in the tub. Completely disgusting and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that. The toilet had to be removed to snake the drain. Thanks to our neighbor who came to our rescue- as we literally didn’t have a pot to pee in.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Marketing works- even on reality tv

Not too long ago, Jeff and I were watching John and Kate plus 8. I gotta admit that it's a personal favorite. True, Kate is a bit scary, but there's something about that I enjoy and find amusing. And the kids are just too cute. So a few weeks ago they aired the episodes of the Gosselins going to Hawaii. Not ten minutes later Jeff, my personal travel agent, jumped online. Lo and behold, a cheap Expedia package later, we spent a week on the North Shore of Oahu. Thank you Gosslins! Can you go to Europe next? Maybe the Gosselins go Greek? I have to admit that the Gosselins are losing a bit of their cute factor since they moved into a $1.35 million dollar home, but their little show still influenced us to go to Hawaii- no complains here!

But now that we are home, here are a few of the things we will miss:

Farmers markets and the goodness of fried food things
Touring the North Shore:

Fresh roadside fruit, mini-pineapples, pineapple ice cream & shaved ice:


And getting a little R & R on the beach,
watching wales jump in the ocean, & sea turtles swim alongside the beach: