Tuesday, May 31, 2011

random bits

So it's been a while since I've blogged, so here are a few bits of what's going on in our lives:

  • Ruby is a crazy little ham; her main goal at church is to see how many people she can flirt with and make laugh from her dancing, waving, twirling, jabbering, running from Mom, laughing and saying "wow, Wow, WOW!"

  • Ruby is growing quite the fabulous mullet and her hair is constantly shaggy in her eyes. Good lookin!

  • Thanks in huge for help from my sister, we have ATTACKED the front and side yard this spring- and I gather from all the comments that the neighbors are incredibly grateful.

  • Weaning Ruby is NOT going well. Just when I think we've almost made it and she is down to nursing once a day, she suddenly gets sick or knocks a tooth or something that then makes her want to nurse ALL THE TIME. I take pity on her and let her nurse, especially if she's sick and I'm concerned that she's getting dehydrated, then we're back to the start... any words of wisdom? Please help.

  • I got away to visit a good college friend in Vegas at the beginning of May! Loved it! Thank heavens for great friends who love to have you when you call to invite yourself. Thank heavens for a great husband who encouraged me to go and was more than happy to keep the munchkin. Thank heavens for friends who love eating good food, taking daily naps, shopping and watching movies. I didn't realize how much I needed a get away until a few days before the trip, I took a shower and totally forgot to wash my hair. I hadn't done that since Ruby was three weeks old and I was in the stressed daze of being a new mom.

  • Ruby has a radar for anytime Jeff or I have a drink- and once she sees that drink with a straw, she MUST have it! Recently Ruby walked up to a garbage can in a public place, quickly pulled out a McDonald's cup with a straw, and started chugging down before we were able to snatch it away from her! Ack!

  • Two weeks ago we were able to run away to Yellowstone with some dear friends. It was a great time and Ruby loved seeing the animals-- but didn't understand why we wouldn't let her pet the bison. We're such mean parents. We lucked out with great weather and even managed Jeff and I getting sunburned foreheads.

  • Yesterday Ruby accompanied me into the bathroom. She's done this plenty of times before however this time as I finished up my business, she discovered that I have hair in a location that she doesn't. She proceeded to try to grab it while laughing hysterically! I think I'll go to the bathroom without her help now.