Friday, March 28, 2008

i'm becoming way too molly...

This is becoming tragic and I’m having a very difficult time dealing with this and it’s frightening me to the core! The symptoms of evidence have come on slowly but now I must do something. The first sign showed up last June. I was given the job of being girl’s camp director for our ward/neighborhood. I was in charge of coming up with a craft and I foolishly used the powers of IKEA for evil and incorporated their Spontan magnet strips into a craft! What in good hell was I thinking? Wasn’t I the one who proclaimed that the one downfall of having such a gracious gift as IKEA in our midst was that little relief society groups and “mommy and me” groups would suddenly start stenciling on well-designed euro-style furniture- basically defacing it? Yes… that sounds like something I would say.

Then I become Young Women’s President and suddenly I become one with a Molly-Supreme-Mormon website called I have to admit that it’s a fabulous resource! Under a thick layer of cheesy it has a wide variety of Sunday lesson helps, handouts and activities for the Young Women. If you are of the mormon persuasion and unaware of this website then you are just missing out! What is wrong with me that I think this is so great?

Now, I could handle my rap sheet of priors until now. My sister-in-law’s wedding shower is tomorrow and decided to get her some of our favorite kitchen things. Harmless enough until I turn down an isle at Smiths to see a 9 x 13 glass Pyrex dish with the handy-dandy plastic lid. I think to myself, “Those are great, everyone needs a few. And they’re even better when you use the etching paint to put their last name on the bottom so it won't get lost at a party.” I’ve been pretty under the weather the last week and a half and now that I’m starting to pull out it occurs to me that I could use a little project like this. What? NO! This is wrong. A) making a project for a wedding present and B) a personalized wedding present. There’s no taking that puppy back to the store if they don’t want it! And who likes personalized wedding gifts anyway? No one, that’s who! What’s next? Using epoxy to put their wedding invitation picture in the bottom of the dish so they can scoop out their funeral potatoes to reveal their faces? Oooh, I could put their wedding date on there too, ya know, to be clever and such. This is wrong! Sick and wrong!

So please, please stop me before it’s too late! Please shoot me if I have show up with a Mini-van, that I always have and still do swear off, and start explaining that "really, they do get great gas mileage… and it’s great that the kids (that I don’t have) and their friends can get in and out so easily… and there’s so many cup holders…and so much room…” If you think there would be nothing wrong with any of this then it may just be too late for you… Oh, wait. I’ve got to go now because the glass etching on the casserole dish needs another coat.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

5 whole years

Jeff and I have officially been married 5 years today! Wow! It's gone by quickly and been an absolutely fabulous ride! Happy Anniversary Jeffie! Love you!

Friday, March 14, 2008

“No one cares for you a smidge, when you're in an orphanage..."

Growing up I loved the movie Annie, and I mean LOVED! So much so, I would even say “I lufft it!” I’d watch it every chance I got, and since I was the “oh so loved and sweetest” youngest, I got to watch it a lot! Then when I was about 4 years old, my family went on a road-trip vacation, which unfortunately meant a vacation from Annie. It was a hard-knock life for us. I’m sure my older siblings who had by default watched and/or listened to Annie via movie or me, were rather distraught at missing Annie, right? On the way out of town my dad pulled the big (sub)‘burban into the K-Mart parking lot and we waited while he went inside to get something. When he came out, he popped a tape into the tape deck and magically, the sounds of Annie were streaming through the vehicle! Such absolute excitement, as you could imagine, as I had no clue that Annie could be on tape as a soundtrack! I sang along the entire way to California! Bliss! Somehow my older siblings don’t remember this with the same fondness as I do… I’m not sure quite why.

Having shared this, my friends and dear family sit on the edge of your seats and try to contain your excitement as I make the following announcement: Annie is coming to Kingsbury Hall April 8-13! I invite you one and all to come along! And I’m sure each one of my siblings will want seats right next to mine! Let me know when you want to go and I’ll get seats right together! It’s not quite “Tomorrow, Tomorrow” but tickets will be sold out soon! …”Come on Sandy!”...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bike race with training wheels?

So I've officially signed up for the 40 mile bike race at the MS 150. There are 10-12 of us in my office that are going to do it. It's in June up in Logan and the registration money I'll raise will go to Multiple Sclerosis research-- Good Cause #1. And it will make me get ready for the race and hopefully shrink my behind in the process-- Good Cause #2. So now begins the pursuit to get ready for hauling my bad self up and down the hills of Logan on a bike. I am a bit concerned about my riding skills, or lack thereof, since I've only been on a bike twice in the last 8-10 years... but that's just a technicality right?

One of my coworkers proposed the following jerseys and shorts for the race so we'll match. That's a big negatory!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The sequel...

While at dinner at my parents’ house on Sunday, my mom was telling us how people have been asking her about her biggest fear of going on a mission. She isn’t too concerned with going to a foreign country; they have been traveling more the last few years so it isn’t scary. She isn’t worried about leaving her parents, even though there is a good chance they will pass away while she is gone- she has accepted that and still feels compelled to go. Her biggest fear is that I will have a baby while she is gone. So if you twist around my mom’s words, which of course I will, she is more afraid of me having offspring than she is of death. So, now as a sequel to a previous blog, I have a new response to the baby question:

“I’m sorry, my parents are being righteous. So as long as they are, I’m not allowed to be.”

Off go the Dutchies!

Congratulations to my parents who just received their mission call to the Belgium/Brussels/Netherlands Mission!
They leave July 28th- so they'll have to keep themselves from going nuts until then. Congratulations Mom and Dad! We're proud of you!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Phrase of the day...

As overheard from my co-worker talking on the phone to an engineer:

"See what you are doing? You are being an imbecile!"

This was followed about 10 minutes later by “The things you do for sex.”

Fill in the blanks of this conversation…