Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's possible that I felt the first little baby kick tonight. It happened just now twice as I was blog-surfing- a "memorable" activity to accompany a momentous occasion, I know. It's possible it was gas, as I'm good at that now-a-days. Jeff think's it was the baby's gas. But it's very possible it was the little runt moving around. To be honest, it was fun, but a bit twilight-zone-esk. Now let's just hope that it doesn't turn out that everyone around me has a pig snout and I'm the only ugly one without one... that would be horror and true twilight zone!

Side note: Ultrasound Tuesday! Hopefully the littl'n will cooperate and we'll find out if it's a girl or a boy. But honestly, this is our child, so cooperation may be too much to ask for.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


You throw enough hormones surging through my pregnant body and apparently it brings on the tears- with a vengeance! I'm usually not much of a cryer. Didn't cry at graduation, my wedding, when I got engaged, etc. I'm generally not a weepy girl. I didn't even cry in front of one of professors in architecture school which is a feat of strength that many guys can't say they achieved. But now I cry all the time. And if it's an emotional time "worthy" of crying, once I start I just can't stop. Ever.

But really maybe some of these things are worthy of crying? Watching the movie Australia, crying at each of the 5 endings in that movie. Reading Father's Day cards in the greeting card isle at Smith's. ALL Lifetime and Hallmark movies. Most sappy country songs throw me over the edge. And some of the non-sappy ones. Throwing up is a way emotional experience. And so is being nauseous. And when the serial killer on Law and Order was killed by the Detective's mentor, that was totally a legitimate time to cry. Right?