Friday, February 19, 2010

time flies...

And yes we are having fun. And who couldn't when this little face is greeting you? We have some fabulously talented friends who are wonderful photographers. Here's a few pictures taken by Carlye Morgan. Pictures from another talented friend of ours to come soon.

I have to admit that sometimes I just laugh when Ruby cries. Not that I think it's funny that she is crying, but it look at that face.

And look at this hair! I love it. But the poor child is already plagued with crazy cowlicks everywhere. Sorry baby.

She was a very good sport for the photos, though she was rather confused as to why I expected her to nap on a chair, and a rocking chair, and a trunk, and a suitcase, and a basket, and naked...

She managed to pee on Jeff, me, the floor, everything else in her path and poop on a few blankets. And why did no one warn me that baby poop is toxic and will stain like nobodies business? Thank heavens for Oxyclean. So they were messy pictures, but definitely worth it.