Sunday, September 14, 2008

love + marriage... oh and torture

As the political season is well underway, we've been watching the different conventions and speeches of the parties. After hearing a mention of John McCain's prison experience, I asked my husband Jeff what exactly happened. Jeff gave me a short explanation saying that, as a POW in North Vietnam, McCain was imprisoned and tortured for five and a half years.

"Wow!" I said. "Can you believe that? Five and a half years? That is such a long time. That's as long as we've been married. To be tortured for that long? Jeff, can you even imagine being tortured every day for as long... as we've... been marr...ied..."

I quickly realized what I was asking, at the same time noticing Jeff had a rather awkward and uncomfortable look on his face. I didn't have him give an answer to my question. And as a good husband, he didn't volunteer one.

Monday, September 8, 2008


It's football season friends! It's finally here, which is the true bearer of fall. The Cowboys won yesterday and the Colts lost- can you get much better than that? And as this post is well overdue, let's all sing in honor of the fabulous two Ute games, shall we? All together now:

I am a Utah Man, sir, and I live across the green,
Our gang it is the jolliest that you have ever seen.
Our coeds are the fairest and each one's a shining star,
Our yell, you'll hear it ringing through the mountains near and far!

Who am I, sir, A Utah Man am I!
A Utah Man, sir, Will be 'til I die. Ki-yi!

We're up to snuff, we never bluff, we're game for any fuss.
No other gang of college men dare meet us in a muss.
So fill your lungs and sing it out and shout it to the sky,
We'll fight for dear old crimson for a Utah Man am I!


Saturday was the first home game for the Utes this season and we were there, back in good old section 33. I've said this before, but you would think that the student section is the most rowdy that you could find, right? Oh no my friends. Try out the season ticket holders! They are crazy and the smuggled in alcohol is a pleanty! At the final game last year, two guys snuck in a cordless blender and a camelpack full of margarita mix. Did I mention these two are in their mid 50's? It's by far the most entertaining section ever! Once we watched part of a game in another section and it was full of cute little families and such, and it was so boring. If a game is ever going poorly, I don't worry too much because the 80 year old man who sits two rows behind me will start swearing and I'll be happy and all will be well again.