Friday, July 18, 2008

I’m sure Martha Stewart would not approve

I’ve been married 5 years. Over 5 years really- 5 years and 4 or so months. So why does this matter? Because as Jeff was rummaging through a filing cabinet for blank envelopes he found 32 written, sealed, labeled and unmailed thank you notes from our wedding. Thank you notes for these people, and these people, and these people, the high school boyfriend’s parents, my aunts who came to the wedding from California and Washington, and two people which are now dead! Yes, I do feel like a schmuck! Schmuck- from the Yiddish shmok meaning “fool,” “contemptible person,” “a clumsy or stupid person,” or an “oaf.” Did I mention that it’s my filing cabinet, so I can pretty much guarantee it’s my fault? Yep.

Etiquette says send out thank you notes within 3-6 months after a wedding. So I’ve clearly passed the “recommended” time frame and there’s no, “but if you are a moron who loses the thank you notes” footnote to etiquette. So I figure blogging my idiocracy in this matter was a good first step. But what would Miss Manners say now?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Promoted? Part two

An elderly woman in my neighborhood often has a difficult time coming to church as she is an amputee. On these Sundays, Jeff and a couple young men usually go over to her house to give her the sacrament.

Yesterday as Jeff approached her house, the woman’s granddaughter saw him coming, yelled to her grandma in the house, and went inside. When Jeff got inside the woman said, “My granddaughter just yelled to me, ‘Grandma! God’s here!'”

And Jeff’s response? “Yeah, I get that a lot.”


It seems I’ve reached that place. That place where birthday cards are now laced in black, and contain words such as “aging,” “old-lady,” and “gravity.” My nephews gave me a black balloon yesterday. I’m now closer to 30 than I am to 20, but I thought I still had some good years left before these cards would come around. I wouldn’t have thought much of it until it added up to 4 cards, 1 text and 1 balloon all with a similar message. What in the world?