Thursday, December 8, 2011

Freaking Brilliant!

My daughter pee-peed in the potty TWICE today! TWICE! She's just started showing interest in using the potty a few days ago and after peeing this morning we ran out to get her little potties! She's Freaking Brilliant!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

yes- it was great

Our Halloween? Yep, pretty great! At least this little biker loved it, and all the sugar.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

#15- Hang a picture of the temple in the house and one in Ruby's room- DONE

So, I've done a little editing to my 30 by 30 list. I'll post the new and improved list soon. Until then, here is an update of two items I've crossed off:

15. Hang a picture of the temple in the house and one in Ruby's Room.

17. Bear my testimony in sacrament meeting.

Done and Done.

I've heard the recommendation many times to have pictures of the temple hanging in your house and to hang one in your kid's rooms. I think it's a great recommendation but have never done this because, truth be told, I'm super snobbish and picky about church art. While the general pictures are pretty, if I'm going to hang it in my house I want it to have a bit more personality. Plus some church art is just plain cheesy- which isn't me. So after chatting with some good friends, we challenged ourselves to make our own temple pictures. If we didn't like others, best attack it ourselves. I'll apologize now for the not so fabulous photos, but it's just so much easier to snap a pic on my phone rather than get out my camera. In fact, I'm not quite sure were my camera is... Anyway, here is what I came up with:

In our front room now you will find this temple.

Here is a closer picture. It's a bit on the small, subtle size, but that's just how it turned out. 

And now in Ruby's room you will find this temple.

I'm thrilled with how they both turned out. A bit non-traditional, but so am I.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 before 30

So many people are doing a 30 before 30 list- Thirty Things to do this year before I turn 30. I initially hadn't thought I would do one of these lists, but then I turned 29. Twenty-nine sucks. It's that year before 30, where you still are in your 20's but not really. I'm definately "late twenties" and it isn't that I think it's old, it's just older than I think of myself. Also the 20's were a big time of change for me. Get engaged, get married, graduate from college, travel, buy first townhome, buy first home, get a carrer, become a Principal at my firm, get pregnant, give birth, become a mom, have serious grown-up callings... I'm a big kid now. So I guess it's wierd more than anything to think I'll be in my thirties.

I suppose this time of change wasn't helped by my nephew who told me "Wow, this is the first time you are 29. After this when you say you are 29, you'll be lying. Wait! That means that you are old enough to lie about your age! That mean's you're old." Gee, thanks.

So, now I'm on to my 30 before 30 list. I think it will be a good way to end off my 20's and ease into the 30's. Plus I'm a big fan of always setting goals and always doing new things and learning. So here's my list. I feel a bit exposed listing some of these as it says a bit about me... for instance, going to the dentist twice a year is a BIG deal for me. I tend to wait a few years between dentist visits without my mom making the appointment for me and tricking me into going. Some of the listed items are a bit odd and may be shaped up more and I've even already crossed a few off. I need two more for the list so I'd appreciate any suggestions. Now, is it bad that a third of the list items are food focused?

1. try a new hair cut or color
2. reupholster a chair
3. take ruby camping

4. run a 5k
5. learn to swim
6. buy mascara and give it a try

7. go to the dentist at least once this year- aim for twice
8. do something with my bedroom- make it a room I actually like
9. enter something into the state or county fair
10. learn to make a GOOD loaf of bread
11. take ruby on an airplane
12. go to the temple 12 times/or once a month
13. get some kicky boots… that’s k-i-c-k-y boots. Not kinky.
14. fix up my grandpas bike and start riding it
15. hang a picture of the temple in the house
16. hang a picture of the temple in Ruby’s room
17. get a thick belt that I would wear over a sweater and wear it proudly
18. bear my testimony in sacrament meeting
19. do something brave
20. perform a new service
21. get a massage
22. send out family Christmas cards

23. eat at all the diners, drive-ins and dives visited locations in Utah that I haven’t been to: Pat’s BBQ
24. eat at all the diners, drive-ins and dives visited locations in Utah that I haven’t been to: Burger Bar
25. eat at all the diners, drive-ins and dives visited locations in Utah that I haven’t been to: Red Iguana
26. eat at all the food trucks of salt lake that I haven’t been to (really bummed I missed the Great Food Truck Race when it was here): Torta Truck
27. eat at all the food trucks of salt lake that I haven’t been to: So Cupcake
28. eat at all the food trucks of salt lake that I haven’t been to: grilled pizza truck (anyone know the name of this truck?)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a food thing

Oh my neglected little blog.... it's a busy life and a schedule-filled summer. So to start to update on some of the recent news I'd like to introduce you to:

This is a new blog written by my very own husband, CHEF JEFF! I've mentioned before how Jeff has become quite the chef here and here. Truth be told, I never cook anymore. Bake, yes. Cook, no. Jeff does the cooking and I let him because he has become SUCH a fabulous cook and he LOVES doing it. He has also become quite the food-aficionado, taking cooking and grilling classes, acting as sous chef for the chef teaching classes, countless hours of food related reading and watching, food eating and cooking experimenting. We are constantly searching out new places to eat. Jeff is now taking this passion of his on the web with a new blog called Hometown Slop. On this blog Jeff will be trying new recipes, sharing recipes of his own, reviewing restaurants and food events, sharing cooking tips and anything else food. So please go take a look and check back often as he will updating his blog much more regularly than I do. And give him some comment-love and let him know what you think.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The true sign of summer!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

random bits

So it's been a while since I've blogged, so here are a few bits of what's going on in our lives:

  • Ruby is a crazy little ham; her main goal at church is to see how many people she can flirt with and make laugh from her dancing, waving, twirling, jabbering, running from Mom, laughing and saying "wow, Wow, WOW!"

  • Ruby is growing quite the fabulous mullet and her hair is constantly shaggy in her eyes. Good lookin!

  • Thanks in huge for help from my sister, we have ATTACKED the front and side yard this spring- and I gather from all the comments that the neighbors are incredibly grateful.

  • Weaning Ruby is NOT going well. Just when I think we've almost made it and she is down to nursing once a day, she suddenly gets sick or knocks a tooth or something that then makes her want to nurse ALL THE TIME. I take pity on her and let her nurse, especially if she's sick and I'm concerned that she's getting dehydrated, then we're back to the start... any words of wisdom? Please help.

  • I got away to visit a good college friend in Vegas at the beginning of May! Loved it! Thank heavens for great friends who love to have you when you call to invite yourself. Thank heavens for a great husband who encouraged me to go and was more than happy to keep the munchkin. Thank heavens for friends who love eating good food, taking daily naps, shopping and watching movies. I didn't realize how much I needed a get away until a few days before the trip, I took a shower and totally forgot to wash my hair. I hadn't done that since Ruby was three weeks old and I was in the stressed daze of being a new mom.

  • Ruby has a radar for anytime Jeff or I have a drink- and once she sees that drink with a straw, she MUST have it! Recently Ruby walked up to a garbage can in a public place, quickly pulled out a McDonald's cup with a straw, and started chugging down before we were able to snatch it away from her! Ack!

  • Two weeks ago we were able to run away to Yellowstone with some dear friends. It was a great time and Ruby loved seeing the animals-- but didn't understand why we wouldn't let her pet the bison. We're such mean parents. We lucked out with great weather and even managed Jeff and I getting sunburned foreheads.

  • Yesterday Ruby accompanied me into the bathroom. She's done this plenty of times before however this time as I finished up my business, she discovered that I have hair in a location that she doesn't. She proceeded to try to grab it while laughing hysterically! I think I'll go to the bathroom without her help now.