Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a food thing

Oh my neglected little blog.... it's a busy life and a schedule-filled summer. So to start to update on some of the recent news I'd like to introduce you to:

This is a new blog written by my very own husband, CHEF JEFF! I've mentioned before how Jeff has become quite the chef here and here. Truth be told, I never cook anymore. Bake, yes. Cook, no. Jeff does the cooking and I let him because he has become SUCH a fabulous cook and he LOVES doing it. He has also become quite the food-aficionado, taking cooking and grilling classes, acting as sous chef for the chef teaching classes, countless hours of food related reading and watching, food eating and cooking experimenting. We are constantly searching out new places to eat. Jeff is now taking this passion of his on the web with a new blog called Hometown Slop. On this blog Jeff will be trying new recipes, sharing recipes of his own, reviewing restaurants and food events, sharing cooking tips and anything else food. So please go take a look and check back often as he will updating his blog much more regularly than I do. And give him some comment-love and let him know what you think.