Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Johnny Cash Week

Did I mention that I've declared it Johnny Cash Week? To reverence the legend, I've been challenged to wear black this week, seeing as I didn't have a Burning Ring of Fire handy. Not that wearing black is much of a challenge for me, but feel free to join in to Walk the Line and honor the Man in Black.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

12-0 Baby! 12-0!

Fabulous game Saturday my friends! Fabulous! Can you say BCS? Yes, that's right! And there's nothing quite like being at the stadium for a big one like yesterday's game! The sights, the sounds, the drunken old men, the stadium "Ute burgers" with cheese, the camaraderie of high-five-ing strangers, the frostbite chapping your butt... It was a beautiful thing. So wherever you are right now, give it up to Utah: stand proud, throw your fist up into the air, and give a yell with a big old "GO UTES!"

Monday, November 17, 2008

waiting for me at work this morning...

notice I've been demoted to a no soil plant. but i will prevail.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not so much "on the wagon" anymore

About 24 hours ago I blogged about Raoul. This afternoon while sitting at my desk I noticed he was leaning. I touched him and a bit of his little plant was sitting loosely in the soil. Next thing I know a third of my plant Raoul CAME OUT OF THE POT IN MY HAND! It was like a bad horror movie! My poor dear sweet Raoul! What have I done to you? Devastating I tell you.

When my sponsor came down to my desk, she dealt with it very professionally, and proceeded to freak out. She doesn't know what to do with me now as she never figured that I would fail at a supervised succulent that I wasn't allowed to water. And she's a good support as she told me that "the plant committed suicide because it had such a smothering mommy."

But I'm freaking out here. And now my sponser is acting as Plant Protective Services (PPS) and taking my plant away "for its safety." My Raoul plant is in a foster home and it's been less than a week! I'm thinking the only reason my cat is alive is my husband. And I definitely should not be left alone with children. I've heard that in many 12 Step Programs, you are not allowed to have a relationship until you have kept a dog alive, and prior to that kept a plant alive. A PLANT! The point with me is that I can't keep a plant alive! Now tell me, what's the step smaller than a plant? Mold?

So now, who knows what step I am on. My sponser said I shouldn't worry as she would bring me a plant she received as a start from our mom that I would NEVER be able to kill. "What plant?" I asked.

A pothos.... Yeah, I've already killed one of those.

Monday, November 10, 2008

12 Step Program

I've entered a 12 Step Plant Program. I didn't exactly enter it as much as my sister threw me into it. She's created the program herself and felt that I needed emergency intervention, or rather my plants needed a serious intervention.

Step One: Admitting you have a problem. Hello, my name is Rachel and I kill plants.

Step Two: Eliminate plants from your life. All of the plants in my home were surgically removed and sent to the garbage. I swear that they weren't all dead, or at least not completely dead. There were a few good leaves left.

Step Three: A plant-free home life. Maybe that is why I was so compelled to by the big flower pillow at IKEA- I knew I was going to be void of real plants. The flower pillow I can't 'love to death' as my sister accuses me of doing to my plants. Yes, I love my plants, but I don't love them to death, I really don't... and apparently I haven't gotten over denial.

Step Four: I have recently received approval to pass to step four. A supervised succulent at work. I'm allowed a succulent, it lives at my desk at work, and I'm only allowed to water it when I get approval from my sponsor (sister). It's a very happy plant that takes sunny vacations each weekend at my coworker Jonathan's desk, because it's closer to a window. My plant's name is Raoul- but I promise that naming your plants is completely normal. Unless it sends me back a step, then I'll reconsider.

If I'm sucessful at step four and move on to new steps, one day I'll live a happy life, free from dead plants.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Behold, my two new loves:

Virgin Pina Coladas- My dear friend Holli introduced us to the wonderful world of Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut; an absolute must have for making the correct Pina Coladas.
My new Beata Pillow (pronounced Pilla) from IKEA- I doesn’t go with anything in my house whatsoever. But I love it. It’s even slightly velvety, which may make some people gag, but makes me smile. Oh the simple pleasures of life.