Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chef vs. Handy Ma'am

It seems some people are surprised by Jeff and me, but we make an odd but good match.

Example: As mentioned before, Jeff has become quite the chef- and I love it! He's finishing up an 8 week series of classes entitled 'the fine art of cooking'. I've loved eating his homework, such as the steak with roasted asparagus and bernaise sauce shown above. So Jeff's birthday was last week and mine is today (happy birthday to me!)

Jeff received for his birthday: a digital cooking scale, meat thermometer, a long apron to go with his chef's coat, bamboo cutting board, and citrus zester.

Rachel received for her birthday: new screwdriver set, new level (my old one is lost somewhere in a wall of our basement), and a big old Home Depot gift card- YES!


cleverly content said...

I think this calls for you to sew up matching handywoman tool belts for you and Ruby now.

Karie said...

Happy birthday! I wish my husband's homework tasted that good! :)

Sharmyn said...

What is this class? Tell me about it?

Jen said...

That is so awesome! :) Happy birthdays all around!